My name is Friederike and I am the founder of Ease. I offer Swimming Teaching  & Coaching, Sports Massage and Indian Head Massage. As the name implies, rather then be tense, anxious or worried and therefore bound to be struggling in the water, I am here to help you Swim With Ease and Be At Ease with your body and mind.

I am a swimmer through and through. I learned to swim when I was 3 and after a short diversion to the diving pool I joined my local swimming club when I was 7. I was born and raised in Dresden, former East Germany, where I also enjoyed the privilege of attending a Sports School. At my best I swam in national age group finals. I still swim competitively now and hold 4 welsh records in the  35-39yrs age group. I also started sea swimming 5 years ago.


Friederike Schmidt – Founder of Ease

I started to coach swimming at the age of 16, I started to teach swimming at the age of 20. I am now 41 years old and based in Fishguard, Pembrokeshire, Wales. I regularly teach & coach children and adults at my local Leisure Centre in Fishguard and more recently I started to run swimming lessons in Cardigan Pool also. I can also be hired to teach & coach privately. I am a Level 2 Swimming Teacher and a Level 2 Swimming Coach. In 2015 I gained my Level 2 award in Open Water Coaching.

Swimming is my passion and I am on a mission to help everyone who wants to learn and exercise swimming to enjoy the water. Whether competitive or not, I believe that everyone who takes to the water, should do so in style and with ease. Many people battle with the water. I will show you how to glide through it.

Amongst many other classes I have been coaching triathletes during the last 8 years or so. Not only triathletes, but triathletes in particular seem to be restricted in their movements because of tense muscles and tight joints. In order to achieve good technique in swimming, you need good flexibility and mobility. Training with good technique will prevent injuries and help you swim more efficiently.

These observations and also the desire to understand more about my own body led me to qualify as a Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist in 2015. Sports Massage is a great method of promoting mobilisation and flexibility and plays an important role in injury prevention as well as recovery after an injury. Stretches specific to your needs are part of the treatments.

Also as part of the Sports Massage, I offer the colourful K-taping which enhances the blood flow to the tissues and provides support to your muscles and joints without restricting movement. It plays an important role in injury prevention and injury recovery. I can also apply the conventional strapping and taping techniques for support and immobilisation following injuries.

Since working as a Sports Massage Therapist over the last 18 months I have met and treated numerous clients who came to me for all sorts of different reasons. But every single person who I have treated to this day shows also tension and tightness around their upper shoulder and neck area. It has somehow become an ailment I blame on our modern way of living and working – all too often we find ourselves in a position where we hold the head forward. The spine is designed to carry and buffer the weight of our head as long as we are in an upright position but holding the head forward out of line from our spine, the neck, shoulder and upper back muscles working constantly overtime.

These findings and the desire to work more holistically inspired me to qualify as an Indian Head Massage Practicioner in December 2016. On my course with Zodiac Therapy Training I literally fell in love with this ancient technique which calms the mind and the body and I received fantastic feedback from my case study clients.